Sam + Matthew | Casa de los Bates Wedding

The wedding of Sam and Matt was held at the gorgeous Casa de los Bates. I love photographing at this venue as it has a lot to offer. A stunning 19th century house located in a natural setting in the heart of Granada’s sun-drenched tropical coast in beautiful Andalucia.

It was a pleasure to photograph the girls getting ready. Sam looked stunning as she made her entrance into the secret garden where the ceremony was held. After the couple said their vows surrounded by friends and family, the couple were showered with confetti as they made their way to the gardens for cocktails and canap├ęs and Roberto played the flute for all the guests.

After a few family photos and a group photo of the entire wedding party, everyone made their way to dinner. The guests enjoyed a scrumptious banquet and Sam and Matt had a few portraits as the sun set! The August heat began to cool slightly and it was soon time for the evening party.

The marquee looked great. A kids area with a tepee, A stunning display of sweets and treats. Sam and Matt cut the cake before making their way to the dance floor for a first dance. Quicke on electric violin playing with Roberto on Sax and Dj fuller it was not long before the party was in full swing!

It was such a pleasure to photograph such a fun wedding, and I wish Sam and Matt all the best in the future



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