Rebecca & Jeff | Corjito Maria Luisa | Nerja Wedding

I really enjoyed photographing the wedding of Rebecca and Jeff. I first met Rebecca in Nerja where she was getting ready with all the girls, ready for her big day ahead! I soon made my way up to the stunning private villa, Cortijo Maria Luisa. I have photographed here before and it was great to be back.

Jeff and the boys all looked really dapper as they greeted the guests to be seated for the ceremony. Natasha Johnson was the celebrant and Quike Navarro played a stunning set on the electric violin! It was a lovely ceremony, with moments of everyone in fits of giggles and Rebecca and Jeff made their vows surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

We had loads of fun after the ceremony with some family photos and Jeff and the boys had a little extra posing time as they had some images in mind! It was all great fun and light hearted, the wedding was definitely  in full swing.

After the guests enjoyed refreshing drinks and canapes, it was soon time for dinner. For sure there was going to be an entrance, or two, and we were not disappointed. After the banquet, Rebecca and Jeff were called up to cut the cake and it was soon time for the first dance. It was really romantic and with all the lights around the venue created the perfect atmosphere.

It was not long before DJ Keli Johnson and Sarah cranked up the tunes and the party was well and truly under way!

It was lovely to be part of such a fun wedding. Rebecca and Jeff are a great couple and I wish them all the best for their future!

Paula, Perfect Spanish Weddings

Natasha Johnson, celebrant

Cortijo Maria Luisa

Quicke Navarro, violinist

Dj Keli Johnson and Sarah

All the best Ruth.

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