What is your style?


Do you shoot formal family pictures?

Of course. I try and cover these within 10 / 15 minutes and shoot them quickly and efficiently. I also shoot all the other details that makes your story so unique. It is very important you guys get to spend the maximum time enjoying your party, whilst still receiving great images.

How do we hire you?

A signed contract and a retainer of  300 euros will secure your date.

Do you use an assistant?

Generally not but if you would like lots of fun images of your guests then check out the PhotoBooth

How long will it take to view the images?

Every image is individually processed with lots of love and your galleries will be online within 6 / 8 weeks.

Do you offer video?

I do not offer video, I would however be very happy to advise you as the relationship between videographer and photographer is very important.

How may images will we get?

It very much depends on the wedding but on average between 250 – 400 high quality beautifully processed images.