Dan + Siobhain | Gibraltar & Malaga wedding

I really enjoyed photographing the wedding of Siobhain and Dan. Their celebrations ran over two days and were lots of fun.

The preparations began in the iconic Rock Hotel in Gibraltar. With just a small group of Siobhain and Dan’s family and friends everyone made their way to the ceremony, which was held in the Botanical gardens. It is the perfect place for an intimate ceremony and everyone celebrated afterwards with some bubbles! We had a little time for some family photographs and then it was time to speed away to the Gibraltar airport runway.

Siobhain and Dan had their heart set on having a few Yoko Ono and John Lennon inspired portraits on the airport runway. We had a plan to be dropped off just before the crossing and with the fastest portrait session ever, before the Royal Gibraltar Police an end to it, we had nailed some cool shots and were on our way!

The next day the celebrations were held at a gorgeous private villa in Velez-Malaga. With no details forgotten and a larger number of guests to enjoy the day, the couple had another ceremony in the gardens. The wedding party enjoyed canapes and drinks, and chilled out by the pool and enjoyed the surroundings. The Rivermen played all afternoon and Siobhan and Dan enjoyed the company of friends and family for the celebrations!

It was lovely to be part of a special two days and I wish Siobhain and Dan all the best in the future




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