Aimee + Marc

The wedding day of Aimee and Marc was held at the stunning Cortijo Bravo. I have photographed many weddings here and it never disappoints. The house is stunning with lots of natural light and the gardens and views are breathtaking.

 Aimee was getting ready for her big day in the hotel and looked absolutely stunning in a figure hugging dress! The boys all looked summer smart in their shorts and jackets and the kids all looked adorable too. 

The ceremony was held in the gardens by Natasha Johnson. Aimee and Marc said their vows surrounded by their nearest and dearest. After, the wedding party enjoyed delicious canapes and refreshing drinks while cooling off in the shade. We had a little time for some portraits before the guests were all seated for dinner. 

The sun set over  the wedding party and it was not long before the party was started as DJ fuller turned up the tunes and Quike rocking the crowd with his electric violin, Roberto on sax and some epic drumming by Aurelio Vargas!

It was lovely to be part of a beautiful day. Aimee and Marc and their family and friends were all welcoming and had an epic wedding to remember.

I wish them all the best for their future and I hope they love the memories I captured for them,

thanks to 

Paula, Perfect Spanish Weddings

Natasha Johnson, celebrant

DJ fuller

Who killed the DJ wedding band
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